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AxiaTV, provides IPTV subscription services straight to your device through the internet. This includes Smart TV, IPTV box, Android phones or tablets, Android box, PC and STB Emulator.

AxiaTV is an online streaming worldwide IPTV subscription service provider with fast activation and no setup fees, covering all your day-to-day devices. Our team supplies solid IPTV services to various countries. And our network engineers deliver high-quality digital media streaming to our loyal customers. Our strong support team and technical expertise have allowed us to be the best IPTV service provider.

Our Mission
Make EVERY user happy than EVER, we provide everything what an user need.
Come join our family and see how AxiaTV will enhance your viewing pleasure and help your monthly budget!


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IPTV Agents & Reseller Program ?  [Contact Us] for Agents or reseller:-
✓ Term & Condition
✓ pricing & details
✓ IPTV OEM APK with quantity
✓  Request live Channels & Movies

Find Your Smart Way & Rewarding Business


by AxiaTV

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We Simplified Your Life